Why are Comptrol Web Tension Load Cells Different?

Comptrol tension transducers, indicators, and controls are an industry standard on continuous processing lines where accurate, dependable tension measurement and control are key factors in maintaining consistent quality. The advantages of our patented LVDT tension transducer designs have been proven in thousands of applications in the paper, film, foil, plastic, metals, rubber, textile, wire, and other industries.

The Comptrol Incorporated Advantage

When using Comptrol products, our customers rely on our high quality, simple to install, durable transducers and tension control, load cells. With our years of experience across various industries, we have created tension transducers, load cell indicator boards, control boards and load cell sensors that have the capacity needed to ensure accurate and precise tension measuring, in continual automatic production or on semi-automatic lines.

Our load cells range in weight capacity from the thin profile Series 20 Tensioncell (that is ideal for up to 90 pounds) to our fully adjustable DST Series Superloadcell that is able to handle weights from 0 to 20,000 pounds, plus.

Durable and Reliable

We understand the tension transducer and tension load cell that you select must last. Regardless of the application, Comptrol transducers and load cells are dependable and work even in extreme production environments. Our expertise in this area allows our load cell transducers and load cell indicators / systems to stand up to the demands of various production lines, from paper to more harsh environments.

We have also developed load cells that are easy to mount in existing production systems. Most of our models can be side or base mounted to the interior or exterior of the machine frame for easy installation. Our products are simple to install and mount in any direction, and are utilized in specialized configurations without having to make many modifications of the equipment.


Comptrol Uses a Patented “Linear Variable Differential Transformer” (LVDT) Design

  • Up to 5 Volt DC output direct from transducer.
  • No additional interface device to amplify the signal.
  • Less items to go bad and one less part to adjust.

Comptrol Load Cells are Easy to Set up

  • Allows for a “usable” signal.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Saves time. Set “0” and verify max tension
  • No need to set to “0” and adjust
  • Each unit is factory calibrated to meet your tension, therefore, reducing startup time. Calibration sheets are provided per YOUR application.

Comptrol Load Cells are Durable and Re-Buildable

  • All tension transducers are designed to withstand up to 10X their rated capacity. Do not have to buy an oversized unit!
  • Many units have been in service for over 40 years in harsh conditions such as steel and aluminum plants.
  • Can re-build units up to 35 years old.
  • Highest warranty in the industry – 7 YEARS!