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tension managementWEB TENSION /

linear motionLINEAR

weighing systemsCONNECTING ROD

contract manufacturingCONTRACT

With our in-house engineering, machining, manufacturing, and assembly capabilities, we are an extremely reliable source, capable of delivering top quality products on time!

Comptrol Incorporated manufactures a complete line of Tension Measurement solutions (including load cells, tension indicators and controls), Linear Motion products, (including ball screws and bearing blocks), and Connecting Rod Weight Verification products (including scales, cradles and masters). Comptrol also continues to manufacture Specialty Products for unique markets and continue to Distribute products for key manufacturers.

Comptrol is a Distributor of these leading manufacturers

  • Parker
  • Formsprag
  • ISSC
  • Seco
  • Comptrol
  • Rimtec
  • Delta
  • Sola
  • Bardac Drives
  • Sick
  • Warner
  • Superior
  • ROX System
  • Bison
  • MCG
  • Duff Norton
  • Danahar
  • Thomson Micron
  • Thomson Linear
  • BSA
  • Danfoss
  • Gerwah
  • Anilam
  • Emerson
  • BEI
  • Rockford Ballscrews
  • BWC
  • Altech
  • Honeywell
  • Acurite

We specialize in

Tension Measurement

  • Load Cells/Transducers, Indicators, & Controls

Contract Services

  • CNC Machining
  • Electrical & Mechanical Assembly
  • Reverse Engineering

Linear Motion

  • Ballscrews, Lead Screws, Precision Ground Screws
  • Ball Nuts, Bearing Blocks/End Bearing Supports
  • Assemblies to Complete Your Motion System
  • Linear Actuators & Slides
  • Custom Machining

Connecting Rod Weighing Systems

  • Single or Dual Scales for weighing & balancing
  • In-Line & Off-Line models available
  • Cradles, Masters and Weights
  • Re-certifications

Specialty Machines

  • Design/Build-To-Print Assemblies & Machines
  • Equipment Upgrades & Retrofits


Project Support Services

  • Application Assistance
  • Electrical & Mechanical Design
  • Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Startup Assistance & Field Service

speciality productsSPECIALTY

remtin scannerREMTIN

Featured Product


Up to 5 VDC output direct from the transducer Nine standard models with maximum capacity ranges from 50 to 20,000 pounds Adjustable tension... Read More...