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With our in-house engineering, machining, manufacturing, and assembly capabilities, we are an extremely reliable source, capable of delivering top quality products on time!

Comptrol Incorporated manufactures a complete line of tension measurement solutions (including load cells, tension indicators, and controls), linear motion products, (including ball screws, ballnuts and bearing blocks), and connecting rod weight verification products (including scales, cradles, and masters). Comptrol also continues to manufacture specialty products for unique markets and continues to distribute products for key manufacturers.

Tension Control Products:

We can help you with a web tension control system, tension indicators, tensions controllers, as well as rebuild or repair your older Comptrol web tension control products. We can replace other transducers / load cells on machines as well, try our web tension control system configurator, to choose a load cell that will work best for you.

Linear Motion Products:

We offer cut to length ballscrews, lead screws, or precision ground screws, as well as building our own ball screw assemblies used in machine building or used in any general linear motion application. We have linear motion options for all of your production requirements, or one piece applications. We will also supply replacement parts when upgrading or retrofitting an existing system, requiring ballscrews, lead screws, or precision ground screws, or complete assemblies. We are also a leading distributor for all Thomson Linear products.

At Comptrol Incorporated, we also supply a full line of linear motion products and connecting rod weighing systems, which are ideal for either small or large production facilities.

Comptrol is a Distributor of these leading manufacturers

Additional Services:

In addition to our components, parts, and systems, we also provide contract services for our customers. These services include reverse engineering of existing parts and components, electrical and mechanical assembly, and precision CNC machining for the production of specialty and custom products.

To learn more about our services, products, and various support options, contact our friendly staff today by calling (216) 587-5200.

We specialize in

Tension Measurement

  • Load Cells/Transducers, Indicators, & Controls

Contract Services

  • CNC Machining
  • Electrical & Mechanical Assembly
  • Reverse Engineering

Linear Motion

  • Ballscrews, Lead Screws, Precision Ground Screws
  • Ball Nuts, Bearing Blocks/End Bearing Supports
  • Assemblies to Complete Your Motion System
  • Linear Actuators & Slides
  • Custom Machining

Connecting Rod Weighing Systems

  • Single or Dual Scales for weighing & balancing
  • In-Line & Off-Line models available
  • Cradles, Masters and Weights
  • Re-certifications

Specialty Machines

  • Design/Build-To-Print Assemblies & Machines
  • Equipment Upgrades & Retrofits


Project Support Services

  • Application Assistance
  • Electrical & Mechanical Design
  • Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Startup Assistance & Field Service