Single and Preload Ball Nut Assemblies


Operating at 90% mechanical efficiency, Comptrol single ball nuts offer a definite advantage over other methods of converting rotary motion to linear motion. The smooth rolling contact between the bearing balls and the ballscrew and nut assembly makes it possible to move heavy loads in small increments as low as .0001", often with less power than is required using conventional screws, pneumatics, or hydraulics.

Comptrol non-preloaded nut assemblies are ideal for applications where the applied load is always in one direction. In these types of applications, the bearing balls always ride on one side of the ball groove minimizing the effects of backlash on positioning accuracy and repeatability.

However, in positioning load applications where accuracy and repeatability must be considered, a Comptrol preloaded nut assembly is recommended.


Designed for use with standard rolled thread ballscrews, Comptrol preloaded ball nuts offer performance normally expected from a precision ground screw, at a substantially lower price.

The unique design of Comptrol's preloaded double nut assemblies allows the load to be attached to the center of the assembly. Centering the load between two opposing preloaded ball nuts eliminates backlash resulting in truer
bi-directional positioning accuracy and repeatability, a more uniform preload, and low friction drag for optimum power transmission efficiency.

The factory set preload adapter allows the preload to be set at up to 30% of the applied load for the selected ballscrew. Once set, the preload remains constant throughout the life of the screw.

single and preload ball nut 01


Comptrol single and preloaded ball nuts are available in over 200 models in base, flange, cut-off flange, or trunnion mounting configurations to accommodate a wide range of rolled thread and precision ground ballscrews.


Ball nut orientation is determined by the type of ball nut required and how it is to be attached to the load.

Comptrol single and preloaded ball nut assemblies give you the design flexibility to select the ball nut orientation required for your application.

Therefore, it is an important consideration for any application and should be noted when specifying the ball nut and mounting configuration you select.

single and preload ball nut 02

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