Machining and Repair


Comptrol has the ability to machine the end of screws (whether ball, acme, or lead) or nuts/flanges to a customer’s existing print or create an entire assembly using Comptrol, custom, or OEM end supports.

ballscrews machiningBallscrews machined at Comptrol

ballscrews machiningBallscrew designed and machined at Comptrol

ballscrews machiningComptrol / Midwest precision machining capabilities


Comptrol has the ability to review and evaluate existing screws (whether ball, acme, or lead) to determine if they can be repaired. If the unit cannot be repaired economically, Comptrol can “reverse engineer” the unit and can provide a new unit to the customer in a timely manner. We understand that downtime affects the bottom line.

ballscrew beforeBefore

ballscrew afterAfter

Let Comptrol size, design and manufacture your next screw application. If you have a screw that needs repaired, let our engineers review and give you their best options. Contact us at 216-587-5200 x2