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Digital Rodcell Overview

Digital Rodcell Overview

digital rodcellComptrol’s Digital Connecting Rodcell Scale & Balancing Systems are an industry standard in manufacturing and engine plants around the world for weighing and balancing automotive and diesel connecting rods. We will certify your connecting Rods and Weights, and provide top quality products to match your specifications.

The Rodcell simultaneously weighs the pin and crank end to determine the difference between the actual weight and the desired ideal weight for each end. The deviation is converted to an electrical signal directly proportional to the amount of over or under weight.

  • 100 weight samples per second
  • RS-232 and RS-422 Serial Outputs
  • +/- 0-10VDC output
  • Integral microprocessor electronics with signal processing firmware
  • In-Line and Stand-Alone systems available for in-process weighing or off-line inspection applications
  • SPC/SQC interfaces
  • Simultaneously weigh the pin and crank end of a connecting rod
  • Automatic Re-Zero
  • Pushbutton Calibration
  • Automatic weight transfer compensation
  • Standard CRI-4000 indicator or custom indicator & control systems
  • Part locator (cradle) to meet customer part geometry and specifications

Our Engineers are involved every step of this process, as we build your masters and weights to your precision requirements.

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