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  • Up to 5VDC output direct from the transducer
  • Four standard models with load capacities up to 35,000 pounds
  • Under Pillow Block mount (UPB) at any orientation around the axis of the measuring roll
  • Zero Tare adjustment
  • Made in the U.S.A.

monocellsComptrol Monocells are precision linear displacement transducers especially designed for the measurement and control of web tension on continuous strip processing lines. These extremely accurate and reliable mechanical to electrical transducers convert the force of web tension into a high level electrical output signal, which is directly proportional to the web tension.

Four models are available with a total of 12 standard maximum capacity ranges from 20 through 1500 pounds for pillow block bearing applications. Monocells are simple to install and operate making it easy to convert most idler rolls to tension measuring rolls. They are unusually rugged and versatile, and incorporate a number of exclusive features which eliminate many of the problems associated with strain gage, hydraulic, or pneumatic pillow block load cells.

Superior accuracy is achieved through the use of the Monocell patented C-Flexure pivot assembly which provides frictionless, mechanical deflection. The rugged loadcell structure, designed for overloads of 1000%, is machined from steel, and nickle plated. The C-Flexure is heat treated for durable, maintenance free operation. Monocells are factory calibrated to meet the requirements of each application.

They may be mounted in any plane around the axis of the roll, and may be operated in either tension or compression - and at any wrap angle. A mechanical zero adjustment at the Monocell allows the tare weight (pillow block bearings and the roll) to be zeroed, so that the Monocells measure only the force of the strip tension.

The primary conversion element between the mechanical force and the electrical output is a dc Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT). The electrical elements of the LVDT are encapsulated and sealed, and are not susceptible to shock, vibration or tampering. LVDTs are provided with reverse voltage protection. Input and output circuits are isolated from each other, and from the chassis. This permits Monocells to be used in floating ground or ground return electrical systems.

The output signals from Comptrol Monocells may be used to drive analog or digital panel meters and/or used as feedback signals for controlling adjustable speed drives, brakes or clutches for critical tension control. Inherent in the design of the DcLVDT is a zero or null position with absolutely no deadband. The long term stability of the maintenance free LVDT gives the Comptrol Monocell operational characteristics and longevity unsurpassed by other pillow block load cells used in similar applications.

ModelModelMax Load CapacityMax Output
per Unit
MountingShaft Support
Monocell DH120 150 5.0 VDC Base (UPB)
Under Pillow Block
Pillow Block
Monocell DH150 300 5.0 VDC Base (UPB)
Under Pillow Block
Pillow Block
Monocell DH210 700 5.0 VDC Base (UPB)
Under Pillow Block
Pillow Block
Monocell DH410 1500 5.0 VDC Base (UPB)
Under Pillow Block
Pillow Block
Monocell DK120 150 5.0 VDC Base (UPB) Under Pillow Block Pillow Block
Monocell DK150 300 5.0 VDC Base (UPB) Under Pillow Block Pillow Block
Monocell DK210 700 5.0 VDC Base (UPB) Under Pillow Block Pillow Block
Monocell DK410 1500 5.0 VDC Base (UPB) Under Pillow Block Pillow Block

Watch our Tension Video

Tension Video

This demo displays Comptrol Inc.'s capabilities in the paper, foil, and film industries. Using calculated wrap angles, our tensioncells precisely measure material tension and can adjust spool speeds accordingly. Rolls of material can be monitored to reach a desired weight or diameter via programmable logic controllers. The entire system is controlled by a large, color touchscreen liquid crystal display. Analog tension indicators show material tension at different points along the system, and an anti-static tinsel bar is used to free the material of any electric charge. Visit our website for more information about Comptrol Incorporated's wide range of industrial automation products and services.