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At Comptrol Incorporated, we offer a full line of tension indicator and tension controller models that are built to be user-friendly, accurate, and highly reliable. All of our indicators and controllers have been extensively tested and used in the field, so it has been proven they stand up to the demands of any industry and virtually any production environment.

Our analog and digital models are designed to be easy to read and are made of corrosion-resistant steel so they can be effective as possible regardless of the environment where the system is functioning. With fully integrated circuitry and cutting-edge technology behind each of our tension indicators and tension controllers, you will find that these devices are easy to install, mount, and integrate with any of your current systems.

All of our devices offer a range of options in power, output, and standard percentage tension. We also provide our meter scales to the customer's specifications at no extra charge, ensuring they are ready to install and use immediately.

Watch our Tension Video

Tension Video

This demo displays Comptrol Inc.'s capabilities in the paper, foil, and film industries. Using calculated wrap angles, our tensioncells precisely measure material tension and can adjust spool speeds accordingly. Rolls of material can be monitored to reach a desired weight or diameter via programmable logic controllers. The entire system is controlled by a large, color touchscreen liquid crystal display. Analog tension indicators show material tension at different points along the system, and an anti-static tinsel bar is used to free the material of any electric charge. Visit our website for more information about Comptrol Incorporated's wide range of industrial automation products and services.