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Shaft Diameter Flange Mount Cut-Off Flange Mount Base Mount End Journal Dimensions
0.625 66-200-XX 66-300-XX 66-400-XX PDF LINK
0.75 66-201-XX 66-302-XX 66-402-XX PDF LINK
1 66-202-XX 66-302-XX 66-402-XX PDF LINK
1.13 66-203-XX 66-303-XX 66-403-XX PDF LINK
1.5 66-204-XX 66-304-XX 66-404-XX PDF LINK
2 66-205-XX 66-305-XX 66-405-XX PDF LINK
2.25 66-206-XX 66-306-XX 66-406-XX PDF LINK
2.5 66-207-XX 66-307-XX 66-407-XX PDF LINK
3 66-208-XX 66-308-XX 66-408-XX PDF LINK

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Model Number Designation

Load Capacities

  • Dynamic thrust load ratings up to 39,964 lbs.
  • Static thrust load ratings up 55,970 lbs.
  • Dynamic radial load ratings up to 33,000 lbs.
  • Static radial load ratings up to 29,000 lbs.