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  • Linear Motion 06

    Ballscrew assembly with base mount flange with single circuit single ballnut

  • Linear Motion 04

    Trunnion mount flange assembly with two circuit single ballnut

  • Linear Motion 05

    Acme screw with custom journal

  • Linear Motion 03

    Bearing blocks all made at our factory in the USA

  • Linear Motion 02

    Assembled with Flange and Preloaded Nut

  • Linear Motion 01

    Ballscreww cut to length or machined

1. We control your entire assembly from start to finish.

linear motion 01

linear motion 02

Our products are built right here in the USA in Eastlake, Ohio, with a committed team of professionals, ready to solve your application challenges.

“Comptrol has been solving our problems for years,” stated  Plant Manager of a key OEM, “we can count on Comptrol to deliver their products on time, at a competitive price with superior quality, every time!”

2. Comptrol can refurbish or rebuild any type of screw.

BEFORElinear motion before

AFTERlinear motion after

3. Our in house machining and assembly capabilities enable us to respond to your demanding design requirements, quickly and efficiently.

Comptrol factory

4. Comptrol is committed to our customer’s success with a simple strategy:

  • Identification – We can help identify your application challenges, and how to solve them
  • Collaboration - We work with your team to choose the product for each project
  • Execution – We execute the plan of action quickly and efficiently, delivering on time, quality products

Comptrol’s Promise

We are reliable – our sales, customer support, tech support and application support is unmatched.

We are committed to your success; our team will not give up until you are satisfied with your solution.

We deliver quality products to spec, consistently, and we stand by our products.

Our pricing if fair and affordable; when compared to the competition, we deliver value for a fair price.

Our customer service is unmatched.

5. We are unique, we work one on one with you, and offer solutions for your application challenges with our sales and application specialists, or our Engineering group, coupled with our 40,000 square foot building filled with precision machining capabilities and expertise.

  • Ballscrew Components and Assemblies, Ballnuts and End Bearing Supports
    • Inch or Metric Ballscrews
    • Rolled, Precision Rolled or Ground
    • Preloaded and Non-preloaded Ballnuts
    • End Mounting Bearing Supports
    • Custom and Reverse-Engineered
    • Ballscrew Repair and Reconditioning
  • Acme Screws and Nuts

At Comptrol, we offer complete ball screw assemblies and engineering support as well as ball screw repair. Whether you need a new, modified, or customized ball screw for your application, we are here to help. Contact us today for more information: 216-587-5200 x2.

4 inch ballscrew

4 inch diameter Ballscrew supplied to a customer in the Aluminum Processing industry.

240 inches (20 foot long screw assembly) with a trunnion mount pre-load assembly.

Comptrol provides various screws (Acme threaded, ballscrews, precision ground screws),

to various industries with different lengths and diameters.

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