Comptrol Launches Configurator

Eastlake, Ohio, June 26th, 2017: Comptrol is pleased to announce the company has added a new product configurator for its web tension control products. The manufacturer specializes in producing a wide variety of linear motion products, tension measurement solutions, connecting rod weight verification products, and more.

Through the addition of the new configurator, electrical, mechanical, and design engineers will be able to choose the most appropriate ideal load cell to meet their needs. This works well with a variety of applications, whether it involves retrofitting, rebuilding or new machine designing.

The new configurator will also provide engineers with the ability to key in their specific requirements. The configurator is designed to calculate the load cell that best fits the application. Then, a 2D or 3D CAD model will be produced, which will be readily available to download to fit directly into an existing machine design.

Comptrol is experienced in producing a large variety of high-quality products and solutions to the benefit of various industries. With in-house engineering capabilities, along with premier manufacturing, machining and assembly expertise, clients have come to rely on the company for superior work delivered on-time.

Clients can choose among a variety of tensioncells, superloadcells, tension indicators, ballnuts, ballscrews, weighing machines, and much more.

For more information about the business /services, visit the website at Comptrol or call 1-216-587-5200.

About Comptrol: Comptrol is an in-house engineering, manufacturing, machining and assembling company that produces a wide variety of products and services to meet the application needs of a large number of industries. The company has remained committed to its clients by providing the most advanced technology, offering superior technical support and on time delivery, giving clients the highest quality solutions available. The company has earned a solid reputation for being forward-thinking problem solvers that put the needs of customers first.

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