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For many linear motion applications, you can use lead screws with acme threads. However, in some cases, ball screws are the best option. If you choose ball screws it is important to have the right kind of ball screw support system and here are some of the choices.


When the speed of motion, reduced friction, and long-life cycles are important in parts and components, precision manufacturing is not just a good idea; it is an absolute requirement.


If your company needs parts for linear motion applications, finding the best acme lead screw source can make a big difference in your operation. In fact, not all suppliers are the same, and some companies cannot take care of all your needs and serve you in the most cost-effective manner. Here are some important things to look for when you need lead screws and lead screw components.


Web tension control systems come in two basic types: open and closed loop. At Comptrol, our indicators give five (5) VDC feedback signals. This indicates we manufacture only open loop systems. An open loop web tension control system offers our customers and their companies several advantages.


Many kinds of automated and manual equipment today require a lead screw mechanism to convert rotating motion into linear motion. A typical screw mechanism has a threaded shaft, nut, and bearing blocks or supports. However, the type of threads used on these screws has a lot to do with the kind of application you have and your specific needs. For example, some applications call for metric trapezoidal lead screw threads while others use acme threads. Let's explore the difference between these two selections to help you make the best decisions for your company.


One of the big decisions that any facility manager has to make is how to address component wear, tear, and breakdown. While ongoing maintenance of equipment can help to reduce the natural aging of components, it is something that will occur despite the best maintenance programs.


When the major components of an engine are in balance, there are fewer vibrations and better performance. This is especially true with racing engines and motors that run at high speeds all day long. An important part of the balancing process includes the rods that connect pistons to crankshafts. Let's look at how connecting rod balancing is performed in the shop manually, and the many benefits that the Rodcell Scale and Balancing System from Comptrol has to offer.

Many different applications use ballscrews to convert one type of motion, either linear or rotary, to another type of motion. At Comptrol, we specialize in the production of ball screw assemblies, ballnuts, and machining, with end-mounting bearing supports.


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