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At Comptrol, we work with a variety of businesses, contractors, OEMs, and engineers. We provide a range of standard and custom options in lead screws, ballscrews, and precision ground screws of all common, and less-frequently used thread types.

One of the most popular options for our customers is the Acme screw. These have the traditional thread form of the trapezoidal threads with the 29-degree angle and the thread height of half of the pitch, or the distance between the inside of one thread and the inside of the next.

This is a strong, durable and precise type of thread form. However, it is not ideal for all applications. For some applications, including in the oil and gas industry, and in some types of precision equipment, the use of a slightly different, but very similar, thread form is required.

The Stub Acme Thread

The Stub Acme thread, at a casual glance, may appear to be the same as the Acme thread form. It has the same 29-degree angle and the same pitch. However, it is the height of the thread which is different.

With the Stub Acme form, the thread height is less than half of the pitch distance. This creates a shallower thread which is ideal on narrow diameter screws. With less cut into the screw with the depth of the thread, there is increased strength over what would be possible with a deeper thread.

Comptrol will work with you to develop the Stub Acme thread screws you require. We machine and assemble any configuration of these screw types, in-house, so they are made in the USA from quality raw material and with our state-of-the-art equipment and production facilities. The result is a precise screw made to your specifications. We would be happy to discuss the solutions you need for your next job, just give us a call at 216-587-5200 ext. 2.