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At Comptrol Incorporated, we specialize in ball screw assemblies, as well as lead screws and precision ground screws that are machined or assembled to meet the specific needs of our customers.

We also do our work in-house, which means the majority of our ball screw assembly, machining and manufacturing is done in our own facility. This extends to the ball screw support options we offer, including bearing blocks, and other options.

This in-house control of the manufacturing process is critical in our products. With our team using our quality control methods, we can provide ball screws and assemblies quickly, to the drawing/customer spec. Long life cycles and reliability are a hallmark of Comptrol production.

Considerations for Supports

There are several options to consider when choosing ball screw support configurations for ball screw assemblies. There are unlimeted combinations offered at Comptrol Incorporated. Our team will be happy to discuss the best options for your particular requirements.

We find there are four supports that are most commonly used. These are the rigid free, simple-simple, rigid simple and the rigid-rigid. The key factor that will determine the best support option is the position of the load in relation to the ball nut. The load can be directly behind the ball nut, as in the simple-simple end configuration, over and behind in the rigid free, over for the rigid simple and in front and over with the rigid-rigid support. In some configurations, such as the rigid free, only one end of the ball screw is supported, with the other end without support.

All options of ball screw support configurations are carefully designed to provide axial and radial support and to prevent unexpected movement.

To discuss your support needs for any ball screw assembly, contact our team at Comptrol Incorporated. We are available during business hours at 216-587-5200 or drop us an email anytime.