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At Comptrol, we offer our customers a full-range of machining services for parts and components including ball screws, precision ground screws, lead screws and other mechanical motion parts and components.

Our precision CNC machining is only one part of the services we provide. As we specialize in specific types of CNC machining, we continually work with industry leaders, which allows us to gain expertise and also work with some innovative new designs.

We can work with large production runs and also helped Original Equipment Manufacturers in producing prototypes. Our team can also provide the complete scope of work from turning drawings into a prototype and then moving up into full production.

Our Experience

We have our own in-house shop for precision CNC machining, including machines offering the latest in technology, features, and performance. With our expertise and experience of over 60 years providing machining services, we can provide you with the parts you need to the specifications required. Our Equipment

At Comptrol, we have over 40,000 square feet of production at our facility. Within this building, we have several different types of CNC machining systems, each uniquely selected for different jobs to speed up the process, increase precision and to help to keep the costs down for our customers. We often run lights out!

We have 23 CNC turning machines, 5 CNC horizontal mills, 7 CNC vertical mills, and wire EDM capabilities!

Our equipment line includes both vertical and horizontal CNC milling systems. The vertical CNC milling system has a 4-axis capability, which means we can complete complex shapes on a single system, which is essential to speed up production without compromising on precision and tight tolerances.

Additionally, our multi-axis CNC turning and milling centers provide the same benefits for our customers. We also offer surface grinding and honing, wire EDM, and mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly among several other services.

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