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At Comptrol, we have been providing services, parts, and components to our customers for over a half a century. This experience and expertise in working with Original Equipment Manufacturers in a range of different industries allows us to offer some advantages over other shops that also offer precision CNC machining.

We are an American-based company, which means all of our products are produced and built right here at our own facility in the United States. This is a advantage to our customers, as we offer complete quality control. Also, without any subcontractors involved, we can assure the same level of quality control on your first order or your hundredth order.

Range of Services

With our precision CNC machining services, this is critical for the Original Equipment Manufacturers we work with. This includes large global companies such as Seimens and DuPont as well as small, local companies that are just getting started.

We are uniquely placed to work with companies in all stages of their production needs. This means we can work from manufacturing prototypes, to moving seamlessly into full production based on your needs.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art, which is critical to precision CNC work. We use the latest in technology and equipment from vertical CNC milling to multi-axis CNC systems. Additionally, we also offer surface grinding, honing, and wire EDM services.

In addition to CNC machining, our team of experienced professionals can provide reverse engineering services, electrical and mechanical assembly as well as full supply chain management services.

Custom Service is Our Priority

We focus on quality control, working with our customers, resolving problems and challenges with complex orders and in providing the best services and support with every order.

To learn more about our company and why we offer superior precision CNC machining and related services, contact our team today at 216-587-5200.