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The Importance Of Quality In Metal Manufacturing

Metal manufacturing, in order to meet the standards and expectations of our customers, must adhere to the highest criteria. We must produce components and other items that do not compromise on quality, tolerances or specifications. It is only by establishing certain quality control measures that a metal fabricator like Wisconsin Metal Fab can maintain a reputation for reliability and excellence.

The Comptrol Precision CNC Machining Advantage

At Comptrol, we have been providing services, parts, and components to our customers for over a half a century. This experience and expertise in working with Original Equipment Manufacturers in a range of different industries allows us to offer some advantages over other shops that also offer precision CNC machining.

The Comptrol Difference in Connecting Rod Balancing Systems

At Comptrol, we offer a range of different products that are designed to be used in a range of different industrial, processing and manufacturing areas and industries. One of our specialized categories of products includes our own line of connecting rod weighing systems, or connecting rod balancing systems.

Which Ball Screw Support Option is Best?


For many linear motion applications, you can use lead screws with acme threads. However, in some cases, ball screws are the best option. If you choose ball screws it is important to have the right kind of ball screw support system and here are some of the choices.

Finding the Best Acme Lead Screw Source


If your company needs parts for linear motion applications, finding the best acme lead screw source can make a big difference in your operation. In fact, not all suppliers are the same, and some companies cannot take care of all your needs and serve you in the most cost-effective manner. Here are some important things to look for when you need lead screws and lead screw components.

Acme Vs Trapezoidal Lead Screw Applications


Many kinds of automated and manual equipment today require a lead screw mechanism to convert rotating motion into linear motion. A typical screw mechanism has a threaded shaft, nut, and bearing blocks or supports. However, the type of threads used on these screws has a lot to do with the kind of application you have and your specific needs. For example, some applications call for metric trapezoidal lead screw threads while others use acme threads. Let's explore the difference between these two selections to help you make the best decisions for your company.


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