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The Importance of a Tension Indicator and Controller

A moving web requires monitoring. It must maintain a high degree of functionality in order to ensure its production level is high. The product must be in top condition. In printing, companies and their operators assume this will happen. It is a logical conclusion. However, without ensuring the machinery employs a web tension indicator and controller, optimal results most likely will not occur. Without these devices, the result can be unusable material.

Advantages of an Open Loop Web Tension Control System


Web tension control systems come in two basic types: open and closed loop. At Comptrol, our indicators give five (5) VDC feedback signals. This indicates we manufacture only open loop systems. An open loop web tension control system offers our customers and their companies several advantages.

Comptrol Load Cell Advantages

While the load cell may not be the most expensive component of an assembly, if it is not accurate, dependable, and durable, it can end up costing your company time and money. At Comptrol, we offer a range of different types of load cells for small to large applications, and the most reliable in the industry.

Refurbish or Repair: Do Not Pay to Replace


One of the big decisions that any facility manager has to make is how to address component wear, tear, and breakdown. While ongoing maintenance of equipment can help to reduce the natural aging of components, it is something that will occur despite the best maintenance programs.

Repairing And Reverse Engineering Ballscrews

Many different applications use ballscrews to convert one type of motion, either linear or rotary, to another type of motion. At Comptrol, we specialize in the production of ball screw assemblies, ballnuts, and machining, with end-mounting bearing supports.